My name is Jacqueline Molina; I am a veteran officer of the Newark Police Department and My Name is George Scott Pearson, retired officer, I served 29 years with the Somerset County Sheriff’s Department. We had the distinct honor of knowing the founding fathers Mr. Michael Sica, Sr., Ret, Newark Police Detective & his son Michael Sica, Jr. former law enforcement officer, past President & State Delegate of PBA 199. They formed the Police Brotherhood concepts, and we commend them along with their law enforcement collogues for starting a Law Enforcement Organization that helps officers and their families during their time of need or crisis.

Unfortunately, Mr. Sica Sr. passed away in 2004, and we were asked by his widow Mrs., Joanna Sica, daughter Kathy and his son Michael Jr. to keep his dream alive. Therefore, Somerset County Sheriff's Officer George Scott Pearson and I, along with several other law enforcement officers throughout the state, came together to help the Police Officers Brotherhood meet its main goals and objectives. We want to preserve Mr. Sica’s plans, views, values, programs, and goals for which the Brotherhood was originally intended by keeping the brother/sisterhood alive by uniting officers instead of dividing them. During these horrific times when officers are being assassinated just for wearing a uniform, we need to band together and do whatever we can to help one another regardless of our union affiliations, rank, titles and petty differences. Whether you’re PBA, SOA, FOP, STFA, NCO, Trooper, Police Officer, Sheriffs Officer, Correction Officer, Parole Officer, Municipal, County, State or Federal Officers, you need to know the Brotherhood has your back, and together we can make the thin blue line stronger!

Organizational Ideas

Mr. Sica, a 28 year veteran of the Newark Police Department established the idea of forming a Brotherhood Organization within law enforcement to take care of officers in need regardless of their union affiliation. Mr. Sica Sr. at one time was the first Vice President of the Newark Police FOP, and his son Michael Jr. was the PBA President for Local 199. They understood working together regardless of union affiliation made them more likely to prevail and succeed. Mr. Sica's family endured many trials and tribulations first hand with the political assassination of his son Michael Sica, Jr former Union County PBA President & State Delegate for standing up and fighting the many injustices that unfortunately plague our law enforcement profession. It was Michael’s passion and outspokenness to protect his union PBA members as their president that made him a political target. It was then that Mr. Sica Sr. realized there wasn’t any independent non-profit non-union law enforcement organization within the state, with the sole purpose of financially helping law enforcement officers and their families. Shortly after that, he decided to form an association that would protect and support law enforcement officers and their families during their time of need or crisis. President Sica never wanted to witness another law enforcement officers' family struggle with the financial strife, burden, and emotional pain that his family suffered through during his son’s entire ordeal.

Our New Beginnings

For that same reason, we have formed the “Police Officers Brotherhood” and proudly accept the passing of the torch, which Mr. Sica carried and we will continue to keep the flame burning for those officers and their families who will need our help in the future.

Our organization stands up for the rights of all law enforcement officers and victims of crimes through planned fundraising events throughout the year. The NJLEPOB and its supporters have helped the lives of many Law Enforcement Officers and their families throughout the state by donating thousands of dollars in the course of our fundraising events. The raising of funds is accomplished through our law enforcement AD journal, honorary/associate membership programs and by having fundraisers that are supported by law enforcement officers, civilians and members of the business community. With your help, we will bring back the true meaning of brotherhood/sisterhood to the law enforcement community. Mr. Sica Sr. passed away several years ago, and our organization proudly displays his name and president's message in his memory in order to keep his dream alive. We are working with the same vision, principles, ideas, and goals that he started. The fruits of the brotherhoods labor can be seen by their actions as depicted throughout this entire website.

We welcome you to browse our website to learn more about us. We urge officers, family members, civilians and friends to come together and join us by becoming a member to form an alliance to help officers in need, protect the pension system, health benefits and officers constitutional rights against the politicians who use them as a punch line for their own personal gain and political agenda. Thank you for visiting our website, to learn about or ourganization. Your support and any help that you may be able to provide is of the utmost importance to us. Please make a donation or become a member now to help us, help those officers who place their lives on the line every day while serving and protecting, you the public!

Jaqueline Molina Chairwoman NJLEPOB

Jaqueline Molina
Chairwoman, NJLEPOB
George Scott Pearson Chairman NJLEPOB

George Scott Pearson
Chairman, NJLEPOB