Membership Criteria

Please review the following in order for you to determine your category or class of membership & eligibility. This will help you when filling out our membership application for the appropriate category and/or class of membership. Thank you!

There are Two (2)-Categories: and Six (6) Classes of Membership

1) - Law Enforcement Members

Definition: Law Enforcement Officers who is sworn to up hold the law with the powers of arrest.

  1. 1) Active, Former / Retired
    (Law Enforcement Officers)
2) - Civilian Members

Definition: No powers of arrest.

  • 2) Civilians employed by Law Enforcement Agencies, Public Safety Employees and Private Professional Members (Civilian)
  • 3) Family Members of officer (Civilian)
  • 4) Honorary Members Gold, Silver Bronze (Civilian)
  • 5) Associate Members (Civilian)
  • 6) Club Members President's, Corporate and Small Business

When you become a member of the Police Officers Brotherhood through our membership program your annual dues are utilized to support our many programs and services. One of our main goals is to assist Law Enforcement Officers and their families during their time of need or crises through our
"Pay it forward" donation program.

Only members in good standing who meet the requirements and pay their annual dues are authorized to proudly display our car shield in their vehicle. This will identify you as a member of the Police Officers Brotherhood which shows your commitment in forming an alliance to help the Law Enforcement Community and are Causes!

ATTENTION: The Police Officer's Brothehood DOES NOT SELL Car Shields, Wallet Emblems, Drive Safety Cards, etc. You must be a Law Enforcement Officer with the powers of arrest and/or dues paying member of this organization, pre-approved and authorized to display or have in your possession our credentials, emblems and member articles. Unauthorized or inappropriate use of our emblem, articles or credentials will result in inquiry, sanctions and/or prosecution.