The POB started hosting cigar events in 2013 when veteran State Trooper Wayne Blanchard POB member asked the Executive Board to host a Cigar Event down the shore in the Lake Como / Belmar area in order to help Law Enforcement Officers in need. Well several years later they have become a huge success. Without you, the public we wouldn't be able to do amazing things like raise $175,000 for officers and their families during their time of need or crises from these events. Our cigar events would not be possible if it weren’t for our event sponsors, advertisers, business associates, attendees, our brothers/sisters in labor, the law enforcement community and you the public from around the state!.

Our events have been held at many establishments over the years and we would like to show our appreciation by naming them for working with us by donating their services or giving us enormous discounts. Thanks to Reggie from Bar A, Pedro from the Castle, Bill from D’Jais, Tom from the Headliner and Vincent from Hemingway's


A special thanks to our cigar vendors Nick from Señor Juans, Peter from Jiminez Cigars and Harry & Jamie Kokinos from Havana Cigar Lounge as well as Dennis & Vince from Fortuna Cigars.


As always, we are so thankful to all of you for believing in our programs, services and mission to raise funds to help officers in their time of need and the law enforcement community as a whole. As exciting as that is, we want to do more. We want to bring that number to $200,000 for this year. Did you miss our events but want to be a part of our unselfish givings to help bring back the Brother/Sisterhood to the law enforcement community.

Donate right here, right now! Let's make our goal a reality!


Anyone interested in helping us raise funds, become a corporate sponsor or volunteer their time, please e-mail us at or call 1-866-965-5372. To learn more about each event click on the year below and thank you for your support.

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